Sunday, March 9, 2014

Some Truths are as Plain as the Writing on the T-shirt

A two-act mini-play 

In this episode, Dad visits a veteran’s support group for the first time.
Act 1:
Scene: Small conference room with circle of 7 to 8 plastic chairs, coffee machine, positive affirmation posters. Three men already seated. Dad enters and takes a seat followed by introductions.
( Older man with beard explains why he comes to the group, concluding)
Older man: … after 20 years as a nurse it just got to me. All the dying, and blood, and killing; it got to the point where I had to retire early. I just couldn’t take it anymore.
Dad looks at older man’s face, and then looks at man’s t-shirt. T-shirt reads in large print: I will kill you. Dad looks back at man’s face.
Dad: You know, your mouth is saying one thing but your shirt is saying something else. As a veteran of war, I think your shirt is offensive.

Act 2:
Scene: Home. Dad talking on phone. I’m washing hands in the kitchen.
Dad:  …okay than, I’ll give him a call.
(Dad hangs up phone, clearly looks like he wants to say something.)
Me: Yeah, so what was that?
Dad: I went to a Veteran’s group and the other guys called the therapist to tell him I don’t fit in.

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