Tuesday, July 14, 2009

All in my head, or ears or whatever...

When I carried a personal cell phone (nearly all of the last decade) it was a necessity to change the ring tone every few months. A hokey digital tune selected in May, by Sarah's Law, should come and go by September. Most people probably change it more often, but personally I couldn't care less about a ring tone and consider the idea of paying for downloaded songs to be a sign of extreme excess in modern society. The only reason I EVER changed a ring tone was, and always will be, to counter the effect of hearing it ring when there was no ring. For a while I tried the "vibrate only" option but this just led to feeling the it vibrate when the phone was still.

Now without further ado - how this relates to house arrest. I've been helping to care for my father for almost two months now. During that time, no matter what I've doing or where inside or outside of the house I might be, ever stops at sound of "Saraaahhh!" It is a chime rings out in accordance with any need and I move . The sound can translate into, "I need you to do my physical therapy," "my toe is somehow painfully entangled in a sheet," or "this fly won't leave me alone; it knows I can't do anything about it."

When my dad first returned home from the rehabilitation center, he asked me to leave my door open at night so - if he needed anything - I could hear him from the living room, where he sleeps in a rented hospital bed. Within the first week I awoke in the middle of the night, ears perked, and jumped out of bed. "What dad? What do you need?" I waited a moment and asked again. "Dad, what do you need? Did you call me?" There was only silence.
He was fast asleep. I was successfully "Punk'd" by my own senses.

This problem has carried over with the Sobrietor alarm. Earlier today I was in the shower ( of course the Sobrietor must have known this) when the siren of random testing blurted out, literally two seconds after I had put conditioner on my hair.
Now imagine you carry around the world's loudest alarm clock and some remote entity sets the alarm for (so far) as many as six times a day. Yeah; so now I get to hear that in my head too...