Monday, July 27, 2009

Recession Hits City Street Gangs

Porterville street gangs are feeling the pinch of tight economic times, evident by recent reports of simple assaults allegedly committed by gang members utilizing rocks and sticks.
In past years, gang members employed the use of sawed-off shotguns, pistols, knives and baseball bats to commit assault and battery on rival gang members, robbery victims and random neighbors.
Three men were arrested in the Porterville area on July 25 on suspension of assaulting a local resident with sticks, according to the Visalia Times-Delta.
Arrested were Tony Lucas, 24; Steven Gutierrez, 24; and Richard Gutierrez, 22. Steven and Richard Gutierrez were booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, while Lucas was booked on suspicion of that crime as well as making terrorist threats and burglary of an inhabited building.
I will give Lucas the benefit of the doubt and assume he was at least trying to steal a real weapon.
One week prior, the Times-Delta reported an "admitted" gang member arrested for allegedly throwing a rock at another man swimming in the Tule River in the east Porterville area.
Where are the gangsta images of guns, drugs and loose women? If not a lifestyle inspired by Tony Montana, at least give me some lowered cars and a switch-blade.
Sticks and rocks...really?