Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My pride and joy

One could rightfully assume that, if I earned a stint on house arrest, it's likely that all has not been right in my little world. During it all, Danny (the darker of the two in the photo)has been my rock. In the last year and a half, when things were most challenging - basically (pause) he didn't leave me. He may have broken up with me once but quickly changed his mind. It could of been four or five times, but who remembers such minute details? Danny is caring, honest and super mega-sexy-cute.

In spite of all of his wonderful qualities what cannot be overlooked is his recent departure for a Canadian vacation on the SAME DAY I went on the monitor! That's right. My rock rolled his way across the northern border for a 10-day bromantic trip at Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Apparently it's a world famous destination point but I have doubts there's even such a thing as a "famous" mountain bike park.
During the course of his trip I assume there will be much sweat, dirt, ceremonial passing of gas and frequent use of gay epithets between friends. This man is my pacifier and the blanky to my Linus. It's possible (though not guanteed) that I will live until his return; personally I perfer to be coddled much like a orphaned baby koalo.